Do you know what is 3G Technology and 4G Technology?

Telecom industry of Pakistan is going through its most critical moments since deregulation of the telecommunications sector in 2004 and now 78/in the middle of auction of spectrum for 3G Technology and 4G Technology licensing, there has been serious misunderstanding. Especially among the media that are not

Facebook going to remove chat to promote Facebook Messenger App

Facebook is going to remove the chat from the iPhone and Android application primary, in order to force users to install a Facebook Messenger App independent. Facebook has already informed their users in the United Kingdom, France and other European countries that are going to need to

Facebook Is Not Interesting for Youngsters Anymore

The future of the most prevalent social network looks isolated. The recent analysis revealed that Facebook Is Not Interesting and Youngsters Reject Facebook faster than the council of their grandparents. The statistics confirm that adolescents are losing interest in Facebook. Luckily for the Facebook, that are still

Facebook helped a mother to find her lost daughter after 25 years

اس خبر کو اردو میں پڑھیں Social Media True Stories!!! Ameera Ali was standing at international airport of Denver with awaited eyes set on the passage where passengers of international flights arrive. A moment ago, an announcement was made that the flight coming from Sweden had arrived.

30 – Glamorous Photography Collection – 2014

Glamorous photography is a type of photography which is meant to highlight the natural features of models usually women which are n*de or semin*de. These photographs are normally used for men’s magazines. This is done in two ways either indoor or outdoor. Indoor photography allows control of

The Future of Business SAP to hold seminars in Lahore and Karachi

SAP to hold Seminars!!! Excellence Delivered (ExD), the leading implementation and education partner of SAP in Pakistan, in collaboration with SAP, is organizing a one-day information seminar titled “SAP Experience – the future of business” on 15 April at PC hotel Lahore and on 17 April in