Warid Presents Maal Dhamaal Bundle Offer

Warid maal dhamaal Offer 640x257 Warid Presents Maal Dhamaal Bundle Offer

Warid Maal Dhamaal Bundle Offer

Recently Warid has announced the Maal Dhamaal Bundle offer continuing with the tradition of keeping you happy. By this new wonderful Maal Dhamaal Bundle Offer, Warid customer can purchase 10 SMS and 10 Wallpapers / Ringtones for just PKE: 9.99 Plus Tax. What’s more, by purchasing a Maal Dhamaal Bundle you get a chance to win amazing Gifts.

All you have to do is purchase a Maal Dhamaal Bundle in the 85 days campaign and you are entered in lucky draws to win Rs.100,000 daily and a Grand Prize of Rs.1 Crore. Moreover, customer can get a chance to participate in the Maal Dhamaal Quiz. Just give answer of simple question, collect points and become a Top Scorer of the Week and also get the opportunity to Win PKR: 500,000 weekly as well as Maal Dhamaal Quiz will have special Bonus Schemes throughout the duration of the campaign where participants enter a special lucky draw to win free 160 liters of Fuel per month for 1 year (1920 liters in total) will be awarded to the winners of this Bonus Gift.

The winners will receive a cash Gift equating the existing price of 1920 liters, which shall be subject to deduction of applicable taxes.


Send an SMS to 3000 to purchase a Maal Dhamaal Bundle. Visit from your mobile phone to download the Wallpapers and Ringtones you purchase.


The Maal Dhamaal Bundle is an 85 days campaign, from 15th April 2013 to 8th July 2013.


The Maal Dhamaal Bundle is for Rs.9.99+tax
Standard GPRS charges apply for downloading Wallpapers and Ringtones through the WAP portal:

Details of the Gifts:

The details of the gifts are presented in the following table:

Warid maal dhamaal Gifts Warid Presents Maal Dhamaal Bundle Offer

Terms and Conditions:

• “Advertisement” or “Advertised by Warid” means publication or advertisement of any information, policy, notice, intimation, public message or any other communication regarding the Campaign, collectively or separately, through any medium including but not limited to television, radio, outdoor, hoardings/bill boards, internet, cellular and/or print media etc;
• “Terms and Conditions” means these terms and conditions;
• “Approved modes of communication” means any of the modes of communication provided in Telecom Consumer Protection Regulations, 2009 as amended from time to time;
• “Charges”means the price of the Maal Dhamaal Bundle which shall be paid by the Participant through an SMS on the Paid Short Code (i.e.3000);
• “Connection” means Post-paid Connection or Pre-paid Connection issued by Warid to the Customers;
• “Contents” means the Wallpapers and/or Ringtones defined herein;
• “Credit Points” or “CP”or “Credit” means credit points acquired by the Participant upon purchasing the Maal Dhamaal Bundle against an SMS sent on the Paid Short Code 3000. The Credit Points shall be used as a voucher to download Contents and entry voucher in the Lucky Draws;
• “Customer” means the customer (including natural or legal person)who is availing Warid Services through an MSISDN registered and activated validly in his name;
• “Encryption” means any technique used by Warid to reasonably secure the data, voice transmission or other communication over the System including but not limited to prevent eaves dropping over its telecommunication system except as required by the law or beyond its reasonable control;
• “FOC Short Code” means short code 3001, which can be accessed by the Customer/Participant through SMS free of charges for the purposes of this Campaign;
• “Fuel”shall only mean Super Petrol;
• “GPRS” means General Packet Radio Service offered by Warid to the Customers;
• “License” means the relevant GSM License issued to Warid by PTA for provision of Services in the Territory;
• “Lucky Draw(s)” means the lucky draws held under this Campaign including the Daily lucky draw, Grand Lucky Draw and Bonus Lucky Draw;
• “Maal Dhamaal Bundle” or “Bundle” means a bundle of VAS products consisting of ten (10) SMS and ten(10) Credit Points (which Credit Points are used to download a Content against each Credit Point) to be purchased by the Participant by paying the Charges and Taxes through an SMS sent on the designated Paid Short Code;
• “MSISDN Number” means a unique numerical number assigned against each Connection for availing Warid Services;
• “Network” means Warid’s GSM network as and where installed throughout the Territory which is run and supported by the System;
• “Paid Short Code” means the short code of 3000;
• “Parties” unless the context provides otherwise means Warid and the Participant;
• “Payables” or “Dues” mean any payments due against the Customer for availing Warid Services as per the relevant agreement there of;
• “Post-paid Connection” means such Connection for which the Customer, subject to deposit of any applicable advance or security, pays for the Warid Services after availing the Services;
• “Pre-paid Connection” means such Connection for which the Customer pays for the Warid Services in advance before availing such Services;
• “PTA” means Pakistan Telecommunication Authority or its successor;
• “Ringtones” means ringtones available on the WAP Site;
• “SIM Card” means subscriber identity module card corresponding to the unique MSISDN Number issued to a Customer;
• “Participant” means the Customer who has participated in the Campaign as per Clause 4.4 below;
• “System” means Warid’s GSM mobile cellular system;
• “Taxes” or “t” include all or any taxes, levies or fees levied/charged by federal government, any provincial government or any other lawfully competent authority;
• “Territory” means the territories for which Warid is authorized to provide Services under the License;
• “Value Added Services” or “VAS” means any value added services offered by Warid from time to time to its Customers;
• “Wall Papers” means the Wall Papers available on the WAP Site;
• “Warid Services” means the services offered by Warid from time to time through the System and Network including cellular services and optional services pursuant to the License; and
• “Warid” means Warid Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd. (including its successors and assigns) licensed by PTA to install and operate the Network throughout the Territory in order to provide the Services.

click here and visit Warid’s official terms and condition page…

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